About Danish Centre for Marine Research

Danish Centre for Marine Research is initiated by the Danish academic community.

The overall aim of the center is:  

Administration of the funds to cover ship chartering

The Research and Innovation Agency allocates a sum to support ship charter for the Danish marine research groups.  
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Coordinate and cooperate with the Navy about the use of naval ships to research cruises

Navy ships have on many occasions, including Galathea 3 expedition, been successfully used for research. However, there is no formal agreement on the use these ships. Danish Centre for Marine Research will together with the Navy prepare guidelines for the use of ships and serve as the contact point between the Danish navy and scientists.  

Coordinate and facilitate rental of equipment between institutions

Modern marine research is dependent on specialized and often expensive equipment that only exist in a few institutions. Access to borrow or rent equipment is therefore important for marine scientists and for a cost-effective use of resources. Danish Centre for Marine Research will maintain an inventory of equipment at various institutions. The center will also work for a solution of replacing lost or damaged equipment. 

International charter contracts

In some cases research cruises are most cost-effectively performed by chartering a ship from other nations. Danish Centre for Marine Research will eventually be able to help Danish marine scientists to conclude the most advantageous contracts. The center will also help to coordinate exchange of ship time between nations (barter agreements). 

Apply for ship charter

Every year it is possible to apply for ship charter for marine research groups.

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